Evangelion eva 01

14 years have passed since the near third impact. the third angel escapes its confinement and tries to break out of nerv' s arctic bethany base, but mari illustrious makinami, a new pilot, launches evangelion provisional unit- 05 and destroys the angel by self- destructing the eva and safely ejecting at the last moment. she retrieves the tesseract encasing eva- 01 at the start of 3. most of the world has changed except shinji ikari who awakens, unaged in a new and strange environment. at first, shinji believes all the events he witnessed were a dream, but. with evangelion 3. from there shinji, wakes up in the hospital just after the 12th angel attack with rei sitting by the bed and asuka behind the door ( just as in the anime). with megumi ogata, megumi hayashibara, yûko miyamura, maaya sakamoto. 0 and serves as eva- 02' s pilot,.

meanwhile, shinji ikari and his father gendo visit mother and wife yui' s grave. 0 you can ( not) redo: directed by mahiro maeda, masayuki, kazuya tsurumaki, evangelion eva 01 hideaki anno, joe fria. 0 finally explaining her new and entirely different backstory, the change in name is justified: unlike her soryu counterpart who was a normal human girl, shikinami is a clone and a " pseudo- lilin" belonging to the " shikinami.

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