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In super dragon ball z, her basic attack with the fan is the banana- leaf fan ( creates a slow- moving tornado that tracks her opponent), and she can perform two super attacks using it: the tsuten swirl ( swirls up a giant wind) and the feng shui ( creates a giant tornado). does chi- chi die in dbz? as a child, chi- chi wore a blue armored bikini, pink gloves and matching boots, a green cape, and a pink helmet, complete with a curved throwing blade on the top, and a jewel at the chichi dbz center; this jewel can be used to release energy attacks. chi- chi has fair skin, black eyes, and long black hair. see full list on dragonballuniverse. chi- chi is the human wife of goku and daughter of the ox- king. and into the fire! what does chichi mean in dragon ball yo?

chi- chi' s appearance in the 23rd tenkaichi budōkai. chi- chi has appeared in all three live- action movie adaptions of the dragon ball series. she appeared in the 1990 korean dragon ball film with chichi dbz a similar appearance to her initial debut in the series wearing her helmet. how many dragon ball movies has chichi- chi been in? chi- chi uses it in super dragon ball z and budokai tenkaichi 3. as the matriarch of the family she is very protective over her children.

[ 12] [ 13] she later marries goku [ 14] [ 15] and becomes the loving mother of gohan and goten. she is also a former martial artist and participated in the 23rd tenka- ichi budōkai, where shortly after she married gokū. while young, the girl often fantasized about marriage, and she chose gokū to be her husband because she was a victim of his ' pat- pat', and she believed this meant gokū liked her. el rinconcito lodge. chi- chi with her father. carrelage trottoir maison. with goku now alive again, chi- chi is happily reunited with her husband and sons. how does chi chi use the fan in dbz? chi- chi is a playable character in ' s super dragon ball z; her appearance is derived from her time as a competitor at the 23rd tenka' ichi budôkai martial arts tournament. son gokū and his friends return! francois batet paintings.

created by akira toriyama, she first appears in chapter # 11 of the dragon ball manga entitled ". this utterly shocks goten, who witnessed chi- chi' s death. later during the battle, she is resurrected with the dragon balls and joins in supplying goku with the energy for the spirit bomb to destroy kid buu. chi- chi after the 25th tournament. 8 dragon ball: yo! chi- chi suggesting to bulma about trading mates with goku and vegeta. chi- chi, sometimes written as chi chi, is a fictional character from the dragon ball media franchise. super buu kills chi- chi. comptoir des halles chatillon.

the child version of chi- chi is playable in dragon ball z: budokai tenkaichi 3, while both adult and youth versions are playable in dragon ball z: dokkan battle. chi- chi compares different dresses. chi- chi ( goku black' s timeline) mentors ox- king kooky cook ( full course meals) students goten chi- chi ( チチ chichi) is the princess of fire mountain and the daughter of the ox- king. chi- chi after vegeta killed several people at the tournament. chi- chi with her sons. chi- chi ( チチ, chichi) is the wife of son gokū and the mother of son gohan and goten. chi- chi ( 乳) is a term for " udder" or " milk" in japanese, it is also a japanese " baby word" for breast. in her childhood, chi- chi was a shy, sweet girl, and had much of her father' s kind disposition ( despite the rumors of the man' s brutality and fearsome nature). she is also the mother of gohan and goten, grandmother of pan, mother- in- law of videl,. mirai chi- chi chi- chi of the future debuts appears in movie debut dragon ball z: the history of trunks characteristics race earthling gender female height 163 cm ( 5' 4" ) weight 50 kg ( 110 lbs) birth date november 5, age 737 death date ( s) age 796 professional status occupation housewife ( formerly) martial artist address 439 east district.

( when written as " 父", chichi means " father". chi- chi at the 28th world tournament.

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